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Business Success Takes Planning and a Strong Team

What is it that turns some people into accomplished entrepreneurs and business owners,
and others into financial dream chasers?

Is it some innate, inborn talent?

Is it a vastly higher IQ?

Possibly it’s having been born into wealth.

The most successful among us had a plan of action and knew how to make that plan work. They had this plan in writing, 
easily reviewable and update-able whenever needed or as circumstances dictated.  The most successful also built a team.  Privileged Business Consulting is here to serve on your team
to reach your business performance and funding goal.

I am Sheila Greenspan, President of Privileged Business Consulting and Managing Partner of Privileged Business Resources, LLC. Since 1996, I’ve been helping business owners, both aspiring and established, meet and exceed their financial potential and professional goals.

It’s always amazing to me how much potential is available for the hard working business entrepreneur, and how many times that potential is lost due to poor planning or “seat of
the pants” decisions.

Simply put, our company can turn potential into reality – providing the business owner with
the guidance, tools and planning necessary to succeed in today’s changing economy.

Our company realizes that doing business today is far more difficult than even a decade ago.   Traditional funding has often become difficult. Finding the funding needed to grow and thrive is a challenge many of my clients have found almost insurmountable before talking to us.

This is where we excel. We know who the private lenders are in each major industry, and
how to present our clients in the best light possible for them to acquire the loans they need from these sources.

We only work with a limited number of clients at any given time, allowing us to devote our full energies into each and every project. The sooner you call, the sooner we can help. As my friend Jack James of PageSmith, Inc. puts it:  "Time is a luxury too easily squandered, but far too costly to waste." 

We make sure those matches are compatible. From beginning to
end, when we start the process for your ultimate success, we
don’t stop until it's sitting there right in front of your eyes. This includes acquiring the loan money needed to make it happen.

If you and your business need a professional, dedicated team of qualified experts in jump-starting or expanding your business, contact us for your no-obligation initial consultation. 
Call us at 904-602-5274 Cell: 239-298-6465 or fill out our Client Contact Form.

We’ll start your company on that road to success.

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Sheila Greenspan, President
Privileged Business Consulting • 588 Hunters Grove Court • Orange Park FL 32073
Phone 904-602-5274 Cell: 239-298-6465   Sheila@PrivilegedBusinessConsulting.com

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