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Privileged Business Consulting

Range of Services

Privileged Business Consulting is proud to offer a wide and extensive range of services in helping our clients meet and exceed their professional and business goals.

We can help with Cash Flow Financing, if your business is a:

   grn_bullet Start-up
  grn_bullet Franchise
  grn_bullet Expanding mature business
  grn_bullet Business domiciled overseas desiring to create a branch in the United States
  grn_bullet US based business looking to expand into foreign markets, or
  grn_bullet Industry-specific

Our Lending Sources Are Direct & Poised To Fund
The Following

Revolving Credit Lines
  grn_bullet Warehouse Lines
  grn_bullet Term Loans
  grn_bullet Start-Up Capital
  grn_bullet IT Investing And Lending
  grn_bullet Purchase Order and Accounts Receivables Financing
  grn_bullet Interim/Bridge Lending
  grn_bullet Letters of Credit for Trade Facilities.

Here is an overview of what you, as our client, can come to expect:

Facilitating Loans and Investments

  grn_bullet Utilizing our cache of non-traditional banks and resources of private lenders and
       investors, and matching them with the proper client for maximum advantage
       as your business continues to grow and prosper.

   grn_bullet Analyzing business plans, reports and projections and bringing clarity to the
       “big picture.”  Identifying any glitches which could impair the client from
       achieving their maximum goal.

   grn_bullet When all the necessary documentation has been collected, we package it to the        chosen lender’s criteria and make our presentation - portraying you in the best        light possible. This will smooth the process of your loan and help realize a speedy        acceptance.

   grn_bullet Suggesting and arranging for credit enhancement, where applicable.
   grn_bullet Assisting with current and new traditional banking relationships when and
       where required.

   grn_bullet SBA/USDA Loan Consulting and Packaging, where applicable.

   grn_bullet Introducing private investors over traditional lenders where the project in
       question would benefit and investors are available.

   grn_bullet Presenting your project in the best possible light to our lenders.

Business Planning and Goals

  grn_bullet Availability of ongoing planning and consulting before and after the funding
       process has been accomplished, making sure your business priorities are set
       and growth projections are met.

   grn_bullet Availability of ongoing representation at important business meetings,
      ensuring a smooth and professional exchange of ideas, strategies and goals.


  grn_bullet Introduction to potential new sources of business, consistent with your company's focus.

   grn_bullet Reviewing and analyzing your marketing plans.

   grn_bullet Assistance with marketing strategies.

   grn_bullet Ongoing marketing and business development assistance.

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